Made JUST for Kokoromi and their art show infused dance party, GAMMA 4.

Download "HIGH HIGH ROCKETS" - 24.5 MB


Meet your new friends from far away! Mite and his younger brother Germ are on a great journey through the atmosphere! The Moon Queen has entrusted these two young adventurers with the task of traveling to the planet Earth to retrieve an artifact of human-kind! Be it for research, or simply the desire for rare intergalactic treasures, Mite and Germ have happily obliged. Let's help them reach the Earth's surface and rocket back home, souvenir in tow...

As a submission piece for GAMMA 4, High High Rockets complies to the theme of games that use one button only. That means only one button is used to control the entire game per player! Specifically, High High Rockets is an experiment in creating an experience wherein the player does not feel in any way limited by the minimal controls available. The mission statement has been to challenge the idea that superfluous controls are necessary to create a worthwhile experience.

Two people can enjoy High High Rockets together at the same time, but it's spectator friendly as well! A passive rapport between brothers takes place during the game; please enjoy reading the ridiculous banter of our heroes.

So, I sincerely hope you'll all have a good time. Bon voyage!

Screenshots (... Click to reveal!)