Koko Soko: Beat Prototype is a playable rhythm-action game concept!

Aiko's family heirloom, the great kokeshi doll, harnesses a mysterious power.
Become the Kokeshi Battle Princess, and defend Japan- no, the world from an onslaught of beat invaders in this rhythm-action game!

Play with a KEYBOARD (z,x,c,v,b keys), MOUSE, or TOUCH!

Since I'm sharing a developing prototype, it's likely to be glitchy sometimes. Be patient and kind to it.

  • There are currently no specific plans for what Koko Soko: Beat Prototype may become, or if it will release as a full game.
    (Where would you like to see something like this go? What platforms? I'm listening.)

  • I'd love if Koko Soko can be a game that introduces you to cool music. If you make music, or know an artist the world needs to hear...
    (Hit me up with that SoundCloud, Bandcamp, whatever! Let's get your sound in a rhythm game!)

  • I started this as an indie project in my spare time, and it's not affiliated with anyone but myself: JAMES MONTAGNA ...!
    (I've actually been sitting on it in approximately its current form since 2014, but I feel the time is now to see where this can go.)

  • There's only one stage in this prototype, but it represents the feelings I have about what kind of game this can be.
    (The wonderful song is by my friend, clover & sealife. Please listen to more of their music!)

  • This playable prototype is only here for a limited time! In fact, this page will vanish sometime soon, so please enjoy while you can.

Follow me @JamesPopStar on Twitter to keep up with Koko Soko: Beat Prototype and other projects!

Special thanks to powerful mage Matthew Greenfield and demigod Andrew Lim for helping make this happen.