Download "XInvert Z" - 10.4 MB

Made JUST for Kokoromi and their stellar stereoscopic event, GAMMA 3D.

Dig for those Red/Blue 3D Glasses! The frantic polarity swapping trek is back, with XInvert Z! As the subject of my GAMMA 3D entry based on the theme of stereoscopic games ... I've brought back the gameplay of XInvert, with a Z-axis twist. Features a chippy soundtrack by "Paniflex Jones".

Galactic researcher Pixen’s space pod has crash landed on Planet Z! Help Pixen reach her rescue rocket by traveling along the 3D depth changing terrain, and properly swapping polarity for negative or positive charged platforms!


Download "DODGE CLUB" - 321 KB

Made JUST for Kokoromi and their hot dance party event, gamma256.

For a long time, I've imagined a fun sport/video game hybrid game that people could play by running around in a small darkened room, and interacting with some type of reactive wall & floor projections. I don't have the means nor the technology to make this real, so as the subject of my gamma256 entry based on the theme of abnormal resolutions... I've decided to represent as closely as possible the experience I imagine, with an 8x8 pixel game. I've been waiting to express this concept for a long time, and this seemed like the most inviting way to do it.

Well, it's called DODGE CLUB. The idea can be figured out quite easily, thus I have prepared no detailed instructions. The included help file, however, does go into a bit of explaining regarding my take on what it's all about. This is about the closest thing to instructions I can include.

"What is the meaning of DODGE CLUB? You don’t have time to ponder such questions, as a fireball phantom is lunging right at you! DODGE! An electric spark circles the outer fence of the ring, frying anyone who gets too comfortable. DODGE! Who can last the longest in this pit of danger? Challenge your friends, or attain the day's Top Score!"

So, I hope you'll all enjoy it. Don't get fried!

Oh, hey, one more thing...


Download "Sour Buddies" - 32.5 MB

Sour Buddies is a ficticious confection, but it won't be long before the cravings for more kick in! This zany cross between Space Invaders and the Rubik's Cube will keep puzzle-action fans challenging themselves to take it to the next level -- all without the falling-block-syndrome aftertaste.


My flagship title, XInvert, is available! This is the version that I entered into the Slamdance Festival in 2006! Originally, it was the first game I created under the DigiStar Software name.

Download "XInvert" - 25.3 MB

XInvert (that's pronounced "ex-invert") is a hardcore hopscotch through the depths of worlds that are unfathomable to human beings! You'll be challenged to take a step into the native HOLY and HELL Worlds of our alter ego bearing friend "Tentou", helping to scout out the Goal, and rescue Check-Point Charm friends along the way. These infernal, bi-polar worlds are riddled with hazardous obstacles that Tentou must fearlessly encounter. Throughout the game, you'll enjoy various techno loops-- but if these don't suit your taste, pop in a Music CD to set your own mood. Can you accept the crusade that awaits?


This game was not one I created under the DigiStar Software name, but is instead actually a school project that I did for Sheila Sofian's Storyboarding Course. I got an A+. :)

Download "Apple Tree Story" - 30.9 MB

Apple Tree Story is an interactive storybook! Players take the role of Mac, a young Apple who has the unfortunate fate of being captured from his tree, along with his sister, Fuji. Help Mac track down the perpetrator and rescue his sister!


This is a very significant DigiStar Software game, Hazardous Heights. It's a "one switch" game. That means, it only requires use of one key to play (including browsing menus). This simplicity is intended to open up the game to a wider audience. Furthermore, it is to satiate the desire for greater accessibility in gaming -- even learning/physically disabled individuals can enjoy Hazardous Heights either through the use of assistive technology (such as glasses that detect a blink as a keystroke, or a foot pedal), or using a mobile body part to press the single key (space bar) used in both gameplay and menu browsing. Everyone can enjoy this simple and intuitive game!

Download "Hazardous Heights" - 16.7 MB

Hazardous Heights concerns the adventures of a tiny Extraterrestrial-Molecule named "Mite" who has been sent to Earth on a mission of collecting seed-bearing plants with beautiful blossoms for the Queen to adorn her royal crater with. Join Mite as he falls through the atmosphere -- avoiding the dangerous microspores and pollens being carried by the wind -- on his journey to reach the ground and obtain the item of his duty!